Starting a new business can put a huge strain on your finances. Whilst you are managing your monthly cash flows and the ups and the downs of an irregular income, you may be trying to secure competitively priced finance too.

We’ve worked with lots of clients who have taken the plunge and never looked back!

Often the move to running your own business has been a dream for a long time. However, we also know that sometimes in life an opportunity presents itself with little time for pre planning.

Knowing that you have financial security and good advice to hand can be very reassuring. Our clients know that we are on their side and have helped plenty of other new businesses successfully through this very exciting, yet challenging time.

Many of the principles of general financial planning apply to our clients that run their own businesses, but we know they need a lot more flexibility and their circumstances and even goals can change from day to day. We are also good at working as part of a team and by building relationships with your accountant and solicitor we can save hours of your precious time relaying information between advisers.


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